Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Still Stateside

I'd like to start this blog by recognizing all the family and friends who have thrown their support behind me and this mission.  Given my current financial crunch, I can't say say this would have worked out for me without all of you.

I use the word "mission" intentionally because while part of me, in my self-centered human nature, feels that a mere two weeks in a foreign country I've never been to is certainly limiting, being a nanny keeps me constantly mindful that small moments can have huge impacts on the lives of children, and each child's life is well worth impacting.  So I find myself signed up for a two week trip to Poi Pet, Cambodia, which I hope will be full of big-impact moments for the children I will encounter there.

Beginning this Sunday, I will be leaving from Houston on a 24-hour transit to Cambodia, where I will be working with a Compassion Acts team (led by Mark Roye) to build Dreamers' Park in Poi Pet.  A similar playground was built for Iris Ministries in Mozambique a few years ago:

This Dreamers' Park will be built for the Cambodian Hope Organization, a shelter and home for children rescued out of the child sex trade in Camboida & Thailand.  We have a team of around 20 coming from all over the US and Canada, and we all carry a passion for bringing light into these children's lives.

"Chtaor" is the phonetic spelling of the Khmer word for "gold."  While praying for our team, Steve Pack, from my church, compared us as "gold in the pocket of God, ready to be spent in Cambodia."  The metaphor touched me, and that is my prayer, that God would spend us on these children, on this playground, and on this expression of His love in one of the darkest places of the earth. 

Please check into this blog over the next few weeks, as I plan on posting updates, prayer requests, pictures, even videos as I can.  

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  1. It has only been a matter of hours, and the fabric of my being aches in your absence already; such a small sacrifice though--two weeks with you will make an eternity of difference for those kids.

    Be safe and hurry home. And be safe.

    You are dearly missed and continually encompassing my thoughts; you are consciously loved and tangibly prayed for--as the 'Kingdom-at-hand' extends Its open palm from Austin to Cambodia.

    Be safe and hurry home.

    And be safe.